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May 2020



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What a terrible shock to the system this Lockdown has been and how horrific the present situation of illness and death.

It has been a great sadness in the Benefice that we have not been able to open our churches, Weddings have had to be postponed, along with Baptisms.          

The joyful coming together to celebrate and praise God’s work and presence in the world have been brought to a halt.


We are trying hard to use technology, the various social platforms and videos, with some success so far but a way to go! We are producing a weekly sermon and prayers for our congregations on-line (email). If you would like to receive these, please contact Rev Malcolm or Rev Trevor. For the time being, our monthly Newsletter is being posted on-line but we hope to be printing and distributing again very soon.


Of great concern has been the way in which funerals have been cut to the bone, particularly those at the Crematorium.  We will continue to give as much support as we can through phone, text or email during this incredibly difficult time. Please contact us about Memorial Services for the future.

We are being given almost daily advice, instruction and support from the Diocese, which, in all circumstances, follows government advice, which can change very quickly! 


I would urge anyone who would like to talk anything through, or are looking for support, to phone myself, Rev Trevor or Rev Catherine – we are all at the end of the phone! Please be assured that we are keeping all our communities in our thoughts and prayers as we go through this crisis.  Please let us know of any specific prayer needs, which we would normally pray for on a weekly basis in church.


Rev Malcolm

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