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April 2020

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Worship Calendar– Corona Virus Edition

Out of Lockdown?


With rapidly changing rules, our churches have to be ready to respond, when the time comes, to move back into our buildings for public worship.


Meanwhile we are working hard to keep congregations together, by phone and social media and to bring spiritual support to as many as possible.  Please do visit Holy Evangelist’s church Facebook every Sunday at 10.00am for Rev Trevor’s All Age Communion Service. The weekly sermon, with prayers and reflections is circulated by email.  

If you do not already receive this but would like to, please contact Rev Malcolm (01902 471351).


Newton church carried out a very popular project to produce and distribute laundry bags for NHS staff, orders being sent to nursing homes and hospitals in the area. Many thanks for that!


There has been much to learn in a time of tragedy, suffering and fear.  The value of quietness, the lack of  rushing and of the small things we often take for granted.  Walks in the countryside or in a green space, time in the garden listening to the beauty of birdsong.


The need to care for the environment is at the front of the thoughts of many. The drastic lowering of pollution levels during the lockdown must give us pause for thought as we return to a new normal. We all need to consider what we have learnt from this turmoil and how it might change what we think and do in the future. Also let us not forget the care we need to have for others across the world, where      resources are scarce and will be even scarcer as a result of the coronavirus crisis.  Let’s renew our support for organisations on the front line across the world and not allow our giving to diminish , if we  can possibly avoid that..


The Endless Love of God


John 14 15 - 21

John’s Gospel is all about the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ.  God has created us out of His love by His love and for His love.  He will never force Himself upon us against our will.


The Christian way of life is one of love rather than law. We seek to do what is right, not because of

a set of rules but out of love.  God’s immense kindness and grace works through the world.  It is

our task to see where that is and join in – in our life and community and nation and across the world.


If we do that our love will grow and God’s kingdom or realm will be strengthened.  God’s love is a great gift to all people.  It has been so heartening to see the self-sacrifice and caring behaviour of so many medical staff and others at this time of stress and risk. Made in God’s image, humanity reflects God’s love and goodness.

God’s life is eternal.  “Because I live, you also will live”

Notice that finding God’s love brings spiritual life - life eternal and life abundant.


This passage is also about how God sends His Holy Spirit to each one of us – The Spirit of truth and love, who deep down, speaks to our hearts and minds so we are not alone in our life’s journey and in our quest to find and act out God’s love.


When we can’t cope in our own strength and especially at a time of trouble, fear and sorrow, we are promised a greater strength in Jesus Christ, who defeated darkness and death and brings hope to the world.

“You will know that I am in my Father and you in me and I in you.”  We are never alone when we trust in Christ and walk with Him. We prove this by keeping His Commandments – to love God and love our neighbour as we love ourself.


There is much of this in evidence as we see the sacrificial giving of many on the front line of the battle against Covid 19 – in the face of fear, fear of death and fear of the unknown.

The Poet, George Herbert, expressed it so well as he steps out in simple trust and, so many years ago.

“Come, my Way, my my Truth, my Life,

Such a Way, as gives us breath,

Such a Truth as ends all strife.

And such a Life as killeth death”

The life we have in Christ carries us through everything, connects with His wide and deep love and gives us hope in the unknown we have to face and then the grave, knowing that nothing can separate us from God’s love, shown in Jesus Christ.



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